Reasons For Renting Private Apartments:

1) Better Value:  The hotel market in St. Petersburg is presently not sufficient to meet the tourism and business travel growth the city is experiencing.  There are a few high end Western style hotels, but they charge over 250 euros per night for a small single room.  Most of the Russian style hotels are poor in quality and the ones in the Center still charge over $100 for 4 walls and a bed.  By contrast, 140 euros  for an apartment would rent you a luxurious western remodeled 2 bedroom apartment with comfortable living room, full kitchen, stylish bathroom, etc. within walking distance to many of the great historical sites of the city.  For comparisons, here is current St. Petersburg hotel pricing

2) Privacy:  Unfortunately Russian run hotels often have security that feels your private life is their opportunity to earn money.  They will often request/require bribes if you wish for a friend to visit you.  

3) Helping People:  Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for hard working Russians to develop middle class incomes.  With rare exception, private rental apartments are owned by individuals who worked hard and saved, and then worked hard again to refurbish their apartment.  Most rental agents, such as myself, are independents trying to build a business and reputation for ourselves.  In contrast, hotels pay terrible wages to it s workers, usually less than $100 a month for full time labor.

Oksana s has a wide range of apartments available.  If you don t find something you like, just ask.  If you request an apartment, it s a good idea to tell me why you like it.  That way, if the apartment is not available, I can make some recommendations based on your interests.