Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1 How do I rent an apartment from you?

We try to make the reservation process as simple as possible for you.   You can either book online directly through this website, or you can contact us by e-mail or phone for a list of available options.   We require a deposit equal to one night's stay to make a reservation.  This can be paid online by credit card using our secured payment page.      Once we have your information and deposit, we will send you a written confirmation by e-mail that offers check-in options.   We are always available to answer your questions.   

Question: 2 What is Oksana's cancellation policy?

We require a deposit equal to one night's stay to make a reservation.   If you cancel 21 days in advance of your reservation date, we return this amount in full.  If you cancel less than 21 days in advance, you will forfeit the deposit amount, since we did not have the apartment available to offer to other clients. 

If you make your reservation less than 21 days in advance, you will have 3 days to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.  

If you change the dates of your stay which results in not using nights that you had previously reserved,  the same rules above apply. If done 21 days in advance, there is no penalty.  If done less than 21 days in advance, you will be charged for one additional night.   

Question: 3 How often are Apartments cleaned?

In effort to keep our costs down to offer the best deals possible, we service the aparmtents  only 1 time per week during your stay.    We do offer additional cleanings for only 15 euros.  You can request additional cleanings either in advance, or at the time of check-in.    

Question: 4 Is it safe to give my credit card online?

Our payment page is secure and encrypted using 128k technology.   If you are not confident, you can call us with your information during our business hours  (9 a.m. - 9 p.m.) 7 days a week.   

Question: 5 Are there any problems with late check-ins?

We can check you in at any time.   As with all our check-ins, we need information in advance about when you will arrive.   For late flight arrivals, it's highly advised to use our reasonably priced transfer service.  This way, our driver contacts our office and we know exactly when you will arrive to apartment and there is no risk of you losing time.   

Question: 6 Can I check-in early?

Our official check-in time is 14:00.   Early check-in is subject to availability of your apartment.  If the apartment is available, you can check-in as early as 10:00 without extra fee.  We cannot guarantee early check-in until the day before your arrival.    

If you would like to be able to check-in by 08:00 and have it guaranteed, you can pay for 1/2 night's stay.  You will need to arrange through e-mail.  Our e-mail is  


Most early arrivals are from guests taking overnight trains.  Our office is located just 5 minutes walk from the Moscow Train Station.   You can store your bags in our office from 09:00 M-F and from 10:00  Sat, Sun.  

Question: 7 Will I have language problems in St. Petersburg?

The historical center in St. Petersburg, where all of our apartments are loctaed is fairly tourist friendly, incredibly so by standards of other Russian cities.   It's usually not too hard to find somebody who can speak some English.  Many signs, menus, etc. will either be in English or have some English version.    All of Oksana's customer service staff speaks English.  We also can speak French and some small amounts of other languages.   We can assist you with any problems you encounter, and we are always just a phone call away.  

Question: 8 How hard is it to get a Visa to visit Russia?

The visa process is bureacratic, but it's not difficult.   Each Russian Consulate has a website with detailed instructions on how to apply, what is needed, and what the costs are.  The only thing that you can't easily provide by yourself is an invitation letter that must come from a licensed tour operator.    Oksana's offers invitation support for both tourist and business visas.    At the top of the page in the visa section, you will see some instructions for getting a visa, order forms for invitations, and a partial list of Russian Consulates around the world.

The process for obtaining a tourist visa takes approximately 3 weeks unless you want to pay extra for expedited services.   A multiple entry business visa (with some exceptions) takes approximately 7 - 8 weeks for the entire process.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write or call us.    

Question: 9 Is St. Petersburg safe?

St. Petersburg is a city of approximately 5 million people.  There are parts of the city that are more dangerous than others.  Most tourists will spend almost all their time in the historical center, or on organized trips to sites in the suburbs.  These are well policed, well lit areas that usually have a lot of people walking around and there is little crime.  That said, you should always take precautions.    

Our apartments are safe and we have never had any problems with unknown people entering apartments.   We have had a few guests who were pick pocketed over the years, so it's important you keep your important documents secure and it's never a good idea to keep valuable items in your back pockets in crowded areas such as metro stations.   

Question: 10 How early do I have to book?

Since we rent individual apartments instead of 50 of the same type of room as a hotel might, it's impossible to say exactly when  you should book if you want a specific apartment; only that you should book as early as possible to make sure it's still available.   In general, our summer months begin filling up the early Spring time.   Most other months, we have apartments available close to your arrival time.    

Question: 11 I'm a frequent visitor to St. Petersburg. Do you have discount plans?

You should contact our office by e-mail and give us an idea of your travel pattern, and we can make you a proposal.  

Question: 12 Am I guaranteed the apartment I reserved?

We reserve a specific apartment for you with every intention that this will be the apartment you will stay in.   On rare occasions, we must change your apartment because of technical reasons such as repairs.   Our policy is to only move you to an apartment that is equal or better in the same area.    if we know about problems in advance, we will notify you before you arrive so there are no surprises.   

Question: 13 Are there any additional fees or taxes?

All of our fees are listed on our website.  Taxes are included.  The only extra charges are if  1)  if you want a baby crib, or 2) if you will need extra linens for the couch in the living room of your apartment.     

Question: 14 Are pets allowed?

In general no.  We do make exceptions for some apartments.  Additional security deposit will be required at check-in.    

Question: 15 what if I'm dissatisfied with apartment?

We certainly expect that you will be pleased.  We do everything possible to make our apartments exactly as we promote them. If for some reason, you do not like the apartment you are staying, and if we have other apartments available, we will be happy to offer you alternatives.   

Question: 16 Do you have apartments in Moscow

We only work in St. Petersburg, but we have some great contacts in Moscow.  Please contact us and we will be happy to share with you.     

Question: 17 Are apartments quiet?

Each apartment is unique.  Some have windows facing quiet courtyards, while others have windows overlooking busy streets.  All apartments have modern insulated windows, but if noise is issue for you, please be sure to inquire and we can give you honest appraisals of which apartments would be most suitable for you.  

Question: 15 Can I pay in euros or dollars?

The deposit is typically made by credit card and we will convert the amount to Rubles before charging through our bank.  The balance can be paid in  Euros, Dollars or Rubles.  Foreign currency should be in good condition without tears or ink stains.   Conversions will be done at the market rate that day.  We use    

We prefer if you can pay in cash.  We also accept credit cards, but add 3% for bank processing fees.